Release Notes.

Dedicated information for major production releases for the Cavrnus platform.


Cavrnus 2022.2.1 brings all new life and power to metaverse experiences. The easiest and most scalable immersive world building solution takes a giant step forward.

Particles spark awe and wonder.

Particles are a new addition in the Cavrnus Creation Toolkit. Bring in an array of default particle effects or create your own.

Properties enable true multi-person spatial immersion.

The properties system is a core component of the Cavrnus Creation Toolkit. Creators have the flexibility to dynamically configure properties on a room, object or part level unlocking limitless interaction possibilities.

Find yourself with the new custom avatar system.

Fully rigged and animated avatars are now supported! Bring in custom avatars through the Cavrnus SDK. Support for Ready Player Me avatars is coming soon.

New cameras and controls.

There are now more ways to see the world around you with the all-new camera system. Move intuitively between first person, third person and fly modes.

Upgrades to chat.

Now, anyone can copy, paste and delete chats in the chat window. Click a hyperlink and it opens in your web browser!

Release Summary:

Cavrnus Creation Toolkit.

The Cavrnus Creation Toolkit is comprised of the fundamental features that power creators and developers to easily build interactive experiences within the Cavrnus Platform.

Scripting | Holoscripting is even more developer-friendly than before. Built using Typescript, holoscripting now makes it easy to build life-like interactions with well-defined types.

Properties | Dynamically access and modify standard properties such as position, rotation, scale, behaviors and animations. Even define your own! Properties can be adjusted on a room, object or part level.

Particles | Easily import any of the Cavrnus default particles including: ground fog, snowflakes, rainbow rain, fire and more! Alternatively, export particles from Unity with the Cavrnus Unity Package.

Journal | The Cavrnus Journal is updated to support the Cavrnus Creation Toolkit. This allows creators to easily add and define their own properties. Additionally, this update optimized the speed of journal reading, making spaces load even faster!

All-new avatar system.

The all-new Cavrnus avatar system supports rigged and animated avatars!Import a custom avatar using the Cavrnus Unity Package. This release also lays the groundwork for full Ready Player Me support coming soon!

All-new camera system.

Feel like you are living in the scene with the new camera and controls system.Cameras now support the ability to take selfies, interact in third person and be visible in Holocams! Thoughtful takes on standard controls makes for easier and more intuitive navigation as you move around to gain different perspectives.

Experience optimizations.

Interface and feature optimizations throughout Cavrnus deliver a more seamless and effective experience.

Chat | Copy, paste and delete! Click a hyperlink in chat to open your web browser.

Video | Now videos can be configured with the option loop and play.

Guest Links | Guest invite code snippet copy now includes the link expiration date for the space.

Co-presence system upgrade.

Improvements to the co-presence system mean the system now utilizes 50% less data to still deliver smooth, low-latency human-to-human interaction.

SDK Update.

The Cavrnus SDK has been updated to support all of the new system features. The Cavrnus Unity Package is updated to support particles, avatar creation and easy .holo exports.


More Intuitive Than Ever.

Streamlined Content Library.

New UX for Members and Guests.

Improvements to HDR Lighting.

Avatar Customization and Scaling.

Updates to SDK, Unity Plug-in & UE Plug-in.

Release Summary:

New Content Library System.

Bring your metaverse to life faster than ever. The new Content Library system places all of your digital assets into one place, accessible by context, and on every device!  With the new Content Library you can customize avatars from your .holo objects, add image notes to any object, set new skyboxes, and manage content.

Avatar Scaling and Customization.

Make more room for personality in the metaverse. Cavrnus 2022.1.1 enables custom scaling for avatar bodies and hands directly in the avatar profile editor.

Updates to SDK, Unity Plug-in and UE Plug-in.

New improvements and bug fixes deliver a faster and more intuitive development experience. Metaverse builders can now integrate the Cavrnus SDK, Unity Plug-in and Unreal Engine Plug-in with ease into any 3D workflow while bringing components of the multi-person platform functionality into existing templates.

Fixes to HDR Lighting.

Lighting is now more realistic in spaces with the latest enhancements to HDRs. Set the tone for meeting inspiration, interactive virtual experiences, and online NFT collector hubs. While Cavrnus comes with 7 preset for skyboxes, the joy is uploading your own HDR images, or any .jpg, .png and .gif, to be the light. The skybox is the limit!

Additions to UX/UI.

Subscriber members and guests now have a new curated welcome email and link journey providing more clarity and intuitive navigation to join Cavrnus in the 3D experience for the first time. The new customer journey makes it easier than ever to jump into the extended reality with the utmost ease.


The Ultimate Metaverse Builder.

New Material Additions.

Stunning Visual Upgrades to URP.

SDK Unity Plug-in.

SDK Unreal Engine Plug-in.

Platform Enhancements.

Release Summary:

True-to-life Visuals and Lighting with URP Upgrade.

Upgrade from Unity built-in render pipeline to Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and new materials deliver highest image fidelity with life-like light and shadows, improved resolution and better performance across devices.

The new materials include more intuitive standard parameters along with advanced options such as emissive intensity, fresnel strength, normal map, smoothness map, and ambient occlusion map to customize each object’s appearance in the metaverse.

Unity Plug-in and Unreal Engine Plug-in Releases.

Build your metaverse with more ease than ever while maximizing your existing 3D data workflows with our most robust SDK yet. The SDK now includes plug-ins for content setup with Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as a cross-platform WebRTC voice and streaming video plug-in.

Holoscripting adds Power and Finesse.

Working directly with customers, we improved holoscripting to make it even easier to create the most immersive, multi-person extended reality experiences in the metaverse. Write one script that delivers the contextually correct experience for a microverse across desktop, tablet, VR and AR. Fixed bugs to now deliver stable multi-person experiences.

Key UX/UI Improvements.

Avatar selector has been integrated into the library and now allows a user to choose any .holo as a custom avatar. Bugs associated with the avatar selector have been fixed.

Inserting and using an AR Tracker is more intuitive. Tracker accuracy and precision are more consistent.

VR menus have been simplified creating a more comfortable experience for users.

Device Improvements.

Oculus Quest 2 .apk supports Vulkan and now runs at 60 fps.


The New Standard for Extended Reality Solutions.

Unity Advancements.

Security Integrations.

New XR Device Support.

SDK Unreal Engine Plug-in.

Cavrnus™ RT (beta release).

Release Summary:


Upgraded to Unity 2020.2.7 and OpenXR for unparalleled XR functionality.

Introduced Cavrnus UI builder 3.0 leveraging Unity Input Manager for faster iteration and product development.

Improved device performance, especially for mobile devices.

Added ability to switch XR device providers in the Windows application.

Performance and Improvements.

New image and .pdf thumbnails make it even easier to insert 2D and 3D data.

Data ingestion pipelines improvements for faster space and object load times.

New spatial loading progress indicators create a welcoming entry into a space.

AR Mode now has the rear clipping plane set to 2 km for industrial scale mixed reality.

AR Mode multi-tracker system now switches between trackers at different angles and different heights to help place objects spatially in the metaverse.

New .holo scripting features and functions are included with examples in the SDK.

XR Device Support.

Now supporting the following devices for immersive XR experiences:
- HP Reverb G2
- HTC VIVE Cosmos
- Tilt Five (beta)


Enterprise-grade user authentication in the Cloud and On-premises installations.
- Active Directory (AD)/LDAP Single Sign-on
- Okta/SAML Single Sign-on
- Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Uploaded content can be permanently deleted from the server, both in the Cloud and On-premises.

Cavrnus™ RT (beta).

Now available in beta with ray-tracing and browser-streaming capabilities. Designed for high-end rendering built on top of Unreal Engine.