The Cavrnus™ Platform.

Enabling enterprises, brands and creators to design and share immersive, living metaverse experiences. Collaborate, host events and deliver your story over the spatial web. With a transformative feature-set, the skybox and your imagination are the only limits!

Built to connect. Designed to empower.




What are are looking to create: virtual XR showrooms, interactive training programs, real-time 3D visualizations and simulations with IoT data, the future of entertainment? Only the Cavrnus platform offers a robust and versatile toolset to fuel any metaverse vision. 

The building blocks of your metaverse live here.

An icon to represent built-in voice, video streaming and screen share.

Built-in voice, video streaming and screen share.

WebRTC enables seamless high-quality voice, video streaming and screen share across all platforms and devices. Create true-to-life connection in real-time while streaming any content from multiple sources simultaneously into a space.

An icon to represent seamless co-presence.

Seamless co-presence.

Welcome engagement and communication with participants that feels like everyone is in the same physical environment, even when they are a world away. Bring real-time true-to-life human interaction to the next level in your metaverse with multi-user co-presence in Cavrnus.

An icon showing a hand going through a layer to represent powerful persistence.

Powerful persistence.

Allow for more dynamic living metaverse experiences that contain a layer of data stored in the historical journal. The state of your metaverse experience always updates in real-time, and opens a world of impossible where the physical and digital meet.

Picture of a multi-person, co-present experience capturing 5 collaborators.

The Cavrnus Creation Toolkit™

The Cavrnus Creation Toolkit combines the core creator elements essential for building interactive metaverse experiences–Holoscripting™, properties, particles and the journal–into an integrated and extensible system for building and delivering interactive engagements across all of XR.


Easily develop and deliver cross-device, cross-platform interactive experiences with Cavrnus' Holoscripting.


Dynamically make real-time changes - create living metaverse experiences on every level, object to environment.


Instantly add life to any scene with any of the Cavrnus default custom particles, or add your own.


Efficiently load metaverse experiences and join spaces at faster-than-ever speeds with the Cavrnus Journal.

Name Your Devices. Cavrnus has You Covered.

The future will blend the physical and digital into one lived reality. Creators can lean into the power of an immersive Internet to define new human experiences, norms and culture that inspire, teach and bring us all together anywhere and on any device or platform!

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Microsoft Windows


Apple device support.

Apple MacOS


Apple device support.

Apple iOS

with AR


with AR

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Meta Quest 2

Virtual Reality

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HTC VIVE Focus 3

Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

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Pico Neo 3 Pro

Virtual Reality

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Windows Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

HP device support.

HP Reverb G2

Virtual Reality

Magicleap device support.

Magic Leap 2

Augmented Reality

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Microsoft Hololens 2

Augmented Reality

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Web Video Conferencing
Cavrnus Streaming
UE Pixel streaming

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Web Video Conferencing
Cavrnus Streaming
UE Pixel streaming

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Web Video Conferencing
Cavrnus Streaming
UE Pixel streaming

Powerful features to help you deploy metaverses at scale.

Ingest 40+ 2D and 3D file types

Content is instantly enhanced with our open .holo format, which allows for the addition of persistent changes, animations, typescript-powered interactivity and annotations.

Cavrnus™ Cloud icon.

Cavrnus™ Cloud

All data—voice, video and files—are fully encrypted in-transit and when stored in the Cavrnus™ Cloud offering enterprise-grade security.

Icon to represent Virtual Private Cloud or On-premises feature.

Virtual Private Cloud or On-premises

Cavrnus offers a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or On-premises installation on your own network for the ultimate level of data and network control.

SDK and API pipeline integrations

The Cavrnus SDK makes it easy to create external applications via APIs that interact directly with Cavrnus and integrate existing content workflows.

Cavrnus Creation Toolkit™

Place the power of imagination into the skilled hands of metaverse creators everywhere with Holoscripting™, properties, particles and journal.

Cavrnus Metaverse Connector™ for Unreal Engine

Instantly and easily connect Unreal Engine applications or projects into the metaverse with our no-code/low-code plugin.

Instant Links™

Get instant access links for any device or platform to easily add instant access and easy co-presence to your metaverse experience.

Cavrnus Streaming™

Deploy anywhere over the Internet without any friction with full page or embeddable metaverse experiences accessible by any web browser.

Easily manage people, spaces and content

Utilize the administrator portal to manage users, licenses, spaces, guest link access, the Cavrnus SDK and much more.

White label option

Utilize branded experiences to the max with special white label options. Make your metaverse hub your own fueled by the Cavrnus platform.

Custom domain hosting

Host your own custom domain for your metaverse destinations. Imagine a traditional web hosting offering but your actual metaverse domain.

Analytics information

Access the analytics level of your experiences to better understand your metaverse experiences, track insights and more.

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Cavrnus is the only security-first metaverse builder platform.

Delivering an enterprise-grade platform, Cavrnus adds another level of security with integrations for user authentication and identity verification including: Active Directory (AD)/LDAP Single Sign-on, Okta/SAML Single Sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

IT (and Your Security) in Mind

Support for Active Directory with LDAP, Multi-factor authentication and Single Sign-on.

A branded graphic to represent the Cavrnus Cloud.

Cavrnus Cloud™ Secure

All data—voice, video and files—are encrypted in-transit and when stored in the Cavrnus Cloud™.

A branded graphic to represent On-premises.


For extra control of your data on your network, install the complete platform on an On-premises environment.

A gif graphic that shows a variety of options for Virtual Private Cloud solutions.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

For extra control of your data and storage, install the complete platform via Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Robust SDK and API Pipeline Integrations.

A well documented SDK makes it easy to create external applications via REST APIs that interact directly with Cavrnus. Only Cavrnus provides an extensible, developer-friendly, and field-tested extended reality platform where creators can automate hybrid workflows and create immersive virtual worlds.