Assigning Admins and Users

Administrator settings allow you to set up new licenses, manage new collaborators and more.

Administrator Login Credentials and Instructions

  • Visit (yourdomain)
  • In the password reset field, enter your administrator email and press submit
  • Find the Cavrnus email in your email browser and follow the link to create a new password (If the email does not appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder)
  • When done, visit (yourdomain) and use your email and new password to login as an administrator

Assigning Subscriptions and Creating Users

  • Press the "licenses" tab
  • Under email, click into "Unassigned"
  • Type in the subscription recipient's email and press enter
  • This auto-generates an email to the user to create an account
  • After the user creates their account, their profile data appears under the "Users" tab
  • Repeat the process to assign unassigned subscriptions to new users

Revoking Subscriptions

  • Revoke a user's subscriptions by clicking the "Circle with Slash" to the right of their License Key
  • Revoking a user's subscription does not remove the user from the system, it only stops them being able to login
  • The subscription returns to "Unassigned" and can be issued following the procedures above

NOTE: User's with customer administrator privileges can login to the admin portal through the web app without a subscription. Customer administrators do not by default have a subscription to sign into the remainder of the platform. A customer admin can assign a subscription to their own account following the procedures above.